[2020-11-18] Meetup IoT Sensemakers: Considerations in datavisualisation & Responsible Sensing Lab

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This evening we have:

Thijs Turel is one of the initiators of the Responsible Sensing Lab, a collaboration between Amsterdam and AMS Institute. Goal of the lab is to use public values (such as tada.city) as a starting point for sensor system development. He will present thoughts on the role of hardware (as opposed to software) in safeguarding public interests and present two project as examples: a millimeter wave sensor for crowdedness sensing trying to push the notion of data minimization a quite a bit further than normally and the ShutterUp project, meant to democratize oversight on cameras in the city by outfitting public cameras with a shutter.

Aurore Paligot, besides her activity as a Data & Analytics Consultant (Positive Thinking Company, Tapp, Sonecom), Aurore Paligot conducts independent research projects on the interface between technology and the humanities. In this presentation, Aurore will propose a reflection on her practices as well as on the place of Data Visualization as an exploratory and reporting tool but also as a privileged point of contact with the public. She will address notions such as data literacy, inclusion, and data modeling, with illustrations from her own projects, the news, and other data visualization designers.

Open mic: Wilfried Hoffman
Would like to discuss how to measure real-time visitor numbers (and their movements) in nature reserves in a reliable, discrete privacyproof and energy-efficient way? He will share what they’ve done until now and would like to invite the audience to come up with better & cheaper alternatives.

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