[2020-11-24] Meetup Speculative Futures The Hague: Moral Engagement in Design

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Please join us for our next online event on Tuesday November 24th, where we will explore the role of moral engagement in design!

Ethical issues in technology and design have gained growing attention of the last years. With an increasing number of examples of issues that require ethical deliberation – ranging from bias in AI, coercing elements in the design of public space or political polarization enabled by the retweet-button - the call for moral engagement among designers is becoming louder. But how can such moral engagement be achieved? Whom should be responsible for it? What methods of design facilitate such moral engagement?

To inspire us on this topic and explore these questions with us, we have invited two wonderful speakers to pick our minds and provoke our thoughts: Deger Ozkaramanli and Michael Nagenborg:

Deger Ozkaramanli is assistant professor in human-centered design, and a research fellow at the DesignLab, at the University of Twente. Deger is fascinated by the richness of dilemmas people experience in daily life. That’s why as a designer and researcher, she pursues Dilemma-Driven Design in her work. Her aim is to develop methods and tools that can broaden ‘method repertoire’ of practitioners in the creative industries. Currently, she focuses on integrating an understanding of moral dilemmas in design processes to facilitate designing with a morally-engaged mindset. For an overview of her work, you can visit www.designwithdilemmas.com.

Michael Nagenborg is assistant professor for philosophy of technology at the University of Twente. His current research is focused on the intersection of Philosophy of Technology and Philosophy of the City. He is the co-director of the Philosophy of the City Research Group and particular interested in the design of urban technologies.

More about the talk:

Designing technologies that impact society requires having a sensitive moral compass. Yet, the attention paid to design ethics misses a central point: Current design methodologies allow little room for moral engagement. In this talk, we will delve into why morally-engaged design is a challenging quest and how it can be facilitated. We will talk about both theoretical and practical challenges, and through input from our audience, we will end with a discussion on how to help creatively handle ethical encounters inherent in design processes.

Deger and Michael will provide food for thought, and are looking forward to engage in a rich and thought-provoking discussion with the Speculative Futures community!

If you are eager to learn more about the moral engagement in design, join us on November 24th.

Looking forward to see you again then!